christmas is here

 time really goes so fast 2 days to go for christmas and my simbang gabi probbally will complete itsthe kind of tear and day that we learn to give
and forgive whatever happen the past.. the meaning of christmas is not only for the gift and food, its actually time for love with one another,its time to forget what had happened the past and time to spend wiht your family maybe my christmas is just a quite one.. well theres so many Christmas that my family is not complete! well all i have to do is pray for them.

its been awhile

hi evryone here on livejournal miss this page,i miss writings lots of things im very busy with my work and sooooooo very tired, now im litenning to music and its raining outside grrrrr its not great!! raining and no power.. grrr

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 its a very tiring day,, its the first day of sdeptember and  i got my first passport!! now my problem is a visa omg!! i dont think i can go exactly to other coumtry iys very difficult theres a huge requirements a visa and evrything!! hay!! tired at the moment trying to make things easy!!
i just need a mediatation today!! but i cannnot!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!  its takes too long to  fix everything before i can go..
im very tired now off to bed!! the first day of september feels like im older and older!! my birthday is coming!!


my september wish is that hopefully i will get my passport and the offer letter,the visa and evertyhing will turn out well!!
my wish is to laugh more,to have fun more and most importanlty to have more fan what life has to offer and not to worrie too much!! my birthday is coming!! OMG it is real im soon gonna be 24... ill miss my 23 age..woot woot!!
how i wish im 23 forever!!!

living you guys im off to bed!!

sana matuloy ako!!

hi everyone thank god its friday hope tommorrow its already september na!! i cant wait to get myfirst passport on the first day of september i wan to go go!! ....

learning to love this work!!

trying to love this work!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kinda tiring and sooooooooooooooo very hectic it challenge me a lot!! hopefully
i dont have anyproblem ...anyway cooking and after that preparing to go to work... hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! need to work work work!!!

tired!!! at the same time disapointed:(

 just got home im sooooo tired im feeling very dis appointed i know its my fault.. huuhuhuhuhu!! well just already happened i cannot go back the hands of time hayyyyyyyy!!! still im not sure if im going to dubai or not.... still not hearing or dont have receive a replay from my classmate.. still very tired thinking bout it.